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Thread: Any idea what i need here?

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    Allright ill make this short and sweet. I been looking for a song and today at work it came on the radio. Mind you i been looking for this song for a year and half and today it came on. I took my cell phone and made a voice memo 2 of them of the song. Now where the prob comes in. I dont know what the song is and i got most of it on my cell phone. I have a mic with a head set and i want to know what do i need to do what software to get the mic to rec it so i can put it on the internet so i can give a link so people can here it and tell me what they think it is. Any ideas what software and where i can post the clip online?

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    static hum
    that's a lot of trouble to find a song.

    have you tried searching for some of the lyrics?
    wrap them in quotes & google it

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    yeah we have tryed with the lryics but for some reason no one has any idea whats why im trying to do this cause i have a link and someone will know what it is

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    Ue sound recorder that comes with windows.
    start>programs>accessories>entertainment>sound recorder.
    Save it then if it's a small file you can upload it here as an attachment. If it's large you will need to find someone to host it for you.

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    allright so i did what you said with the rec you have to turn the volume up pretty load to here i mean come on its coming from a cell phone any ways do you know of a place that can upload?

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    Can you hum a few bars ? I always use the google lyric trick too .

    Every notice a songs title is almost always in the lyrics .
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    heres what i can give you for the lryics

    Found you and all i need Found You this in between than something that sounds like the birth of me and you

    its a really girly song and if anyone of my friends knew about it i prob would get my ass kicked

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    Does anyone know a website that will host the 2 wav files for me? I wanna try to get it posted by tonight so i have a fighting chance on getting the song

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    use yousendit or

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    Quote Originally Posted by thechampishere
    Does anyone know a website that will host the 2 wav files for me? I wanna try to get it posted by tonight so i have a fighting chance on getting the song

    The FST group


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