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    How Can iget my ghost recon to work i dl the file but when i try to start it after the installation it says "a required .DLL file, DINPUT8.DLL was not found"
    How the hell can i get this thing to start

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    isnt dinput8.dll DirectX 8???

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    The file u downloaded is mesed up... try downloading another one!
    This one works i tried it

    File:Ghost Recon(Fasttrack Central).exe
    Length:181177344 Bytes,176931KB

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    Thankz Styllin u were right

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    Whilst everyone(&#33 is talking about ghost recon, i downloaded ghost and installed it. It worked fine. Then i downloaded desert siege (the mission pack). It unzipped just fine and is the Myth rip just like the original ghost. However, it won't install because it doesn't see ghost recon installed. any way around this?


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    B) yeah.. anything with a number at the end usually means a directx prob


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