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Thread: Is visual Basic 6.0 any good?

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    I bought a $40 book book titled 'Practical Visual Basic 6.0' , to help further my knowledge in programming/coding many things through Visual Basic 6. I am currently taking computer science I at my highschool and we are pretty much coding with VB6 . I have VB6 on my computer. I would like to know if anyone know what kind of programs i can code with VB6? I know how to make a calculator program . But i would like to know i can make programs like keygen generators , and other things. Also one question does anyone know a site , like a torrentsite for example, where i can download an e-book on how to code with Microsoft Visual C++ ..... Later in the year, I'll learn C++ in Comp. Science I , and i would like to get an e-book without having to spend another $40 ... Thanks in advance.

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    First off don't buy books, there are millions of good ebooks an di'd ask your tutor as chances are they have a good one. Second you're not going to learn how to do anything good for High School VB6 work. Calculator, Pop Up boxes and Intergrating VB into Excel/Access is pretty much going to be what you'll be doing, with very little program making.

    I can't say i know where to get ebooks (Although you might wanna check out Emule) because my College Tutor had about 400 on the schools shared area that we used as well as handing out print outs and such.


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