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Thread: Determine who host a site?

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    I'm having a problem figuring that out. For example.

    How can you determine who host it? Isn't it free for the general public to see like the viewing of the dns names used.

    Whois is not giving me anything?

       Registrar: TUCOWS INC.
       Whois Server:
       Referral URL:
       Status: ACTIVE
       Updated Date: 20-nov-2004
       Creation Date: 10-jan-2002
       Expiration Date: 10-jan-2006
    This is just in general. I'm confused on this hosting stuff...

    Sometimes i come across site's i feel as trying to phreaking ppl and would like to report it :}
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    The RFC's that describe how the internet works are in interesting read.

    >How can you determine who host it?

    The easy way is to use netcraft's search.

    The manual way is to do a name to ip lookup. Look up the ip using whois. You may have to do more lookups if you didn't correctly guess which regional registry it is managed by. Ip address allocations are handled by different bodys in different areas of the worlds. The big three are ARIN for north america, RIPE for Europe, and APNIC for the asia pacific region.There is also AfriNIC, LACNIC, DoDNIC InterNIC, KORNIC and others.

    That tells you the owner of the block of ip addresses that the webserver is in.
    In some cases that will be a hosting company with their own block, in some cases it will be a big ISP such as level three who are providing a connection to someone but havn't put their customers details in whois, somtimes it will be an ISP providing a connection to someone who is running a web server off their home cable or DSL line.

    The nameservers for a domain name are sometimes of interest such as when you want to complain about a spammer.

    Sometimes the nameservers have names like

    In this case points to the same ip address as points to an ip address 1 higher.
    Obviously the nameservers and the webserver are operated by the same people.

    >Whois is not giving me anything?
    Firstly whois on the domain name tells you who owns the domain name. The domain name owner and the operator of the webserver are often different entitys.

    Second you have not followed the trail far enough. You now have to look
    up the domin name in the tucows/opensrs whois

    Whois info for,

    Virtual Scotland
    248 Bath Street
    Glasgow, Strathclyde G2 4JW


    Administrative Contact:
    Manson, Forbes
    248 Bath Street
    Glasgow, Strathclyde G2 4JW
    0141 353 1125
    Technical Contact:
    Technical, Host Europe
    Portland Street
    Nottingham, Nottinghamshire NG9 2LP
    +44 115 9170000 Fax: +44 115 9170442

    Registration Service Provider:
    PIPEX Communications Uk Ltd,
    This company may be contacted for domain login/passwords,
    DNS/Nameserver changes, and general domain support questions.

    Registrar of Record: TUCOWS, INC.
    Record last updated on 10-Mar-2004.
    Record expires on 10-Jan-2006.
    Record created on 10-Jan-2002.

    Domain servers in listed order:

    Domain status: ACTIVE

    >[I] feel [are] trying to phreaking [people]
    "phreaking" means doing illicit things with telephones. Perhaps you meant scamming?
    "I went over to a friend's house the other day. He was having problems with his computer and he asked me to look at it, and I realized he had Windows Me and it's like, oh no—that's your first problem."-Michael Dell, founder and CEO of Dell.

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    Nov 2003
    Yes that's the word scam sites . heh, it's been a tiring day. Thanks for the info zaphodiv, i think i understand this area a bit more now.

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    likely he meant phishing (trying to pertend to be a different web site to get login details for someone, happens a lot with ebay and such)

    Excellent explanation, zaphodiv


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