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    u'll must have seen those dragonball z videos on kazaa how do they make them.which software do they use????does anyone know how and can teach me????

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    no one knows????

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    NO IDEA!

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    HELL-you will be too_$oon enough
    probably just a good video card with tv input and some video editing software like this <<<<<can be found on k lite

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    usally peps get vid cards wit the tv-input and get software that records vids, like most jackass and south park movies, only bad thing is qualty it shyt, so i recommend (if you wanna share to the comm) you buy the dvd set and ripp your own

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    All you need really is a Vid Card that can capture, and a little knowhow using premiere,
    Virtual Dub and various other progs.

    Oh how i wish i could afford the stuff i talk about, damn employers
    hire ME&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;&#33;

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    I use winTV2000 to grab off my video/dvd player or tv, it works fine.

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    I edit video for a living and over the past few years it&#39;s gone from having 4 or 5 programs out there to edit video to now there are hundreds if not thousands.

    I use AVID Media Composer as well as Xpress DV to do all my stuff but considering you have no knowledge of being an NLE plus I doubt you&#39;d be looking to dish out the &#036;1000&#39;s in hardware you need to run the software, then add on the price of the software (the cracks are garbage) I&#39;d suggest something like Adobe Premiere or even something less advanced than that to start off with and just a basic video capture card.

    My friend made a few DBZ videos last year on the Xpress DV system and they looked awsome. I am not sure if he put them online or not though...if you happen to see one with the text by Zeromercy they are his.


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