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Thread: Bloodrayne 2 TechniC= How the hell do I access the .RAR?

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    Right, just grabbed the Bloodrayne 2 rip from techinc, but the .rar files are passcoded. I was wondering if anyone could shout me the code, or if your having the same problem, let me know.

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    Technic? never heard of it... is it a site or something?

    Anw if yes, the passcode could be the full site's address... If its not, read the NFO file that is possible to exists there.

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    Technic is the ripper in this case. It's like, I can access the .rar, but I can't extract the files. It asks for a pass. I've spent four hours scouring and no dice.

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    Like i said.. try to read the NFO file... it should be in regular file form... just click on it when you double click on the rar file and then click view... that may help you..

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    You got it from torrents?

    Try the torrent URL, or try going to the torrent URL and asking there, Scene releases are never password protected, it's some jackass who wants you to visit his shyte torrent site who's done it, and because you havn't said where you got it from none of us will be able to give you a working password.

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    ya, for example. if you got it from (example), then the pass should be (i'm not saying files from torrentspy are passprotected):

    you could also try a bruteforce hacker

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    Yea and I know they released a RAR cracker on SuperTorrents or Torrent Damage the other day.

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    Cracking discussion

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    a rar cracker is WAY DIFFERENT than cracking apps or games, you smuck.

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    You're an idiot.

    a rar cracker is WAY DIFFERENT than cracking apps or games, you smuck.
    It's still a method of cracking.


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