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Thread: Windows Media Center Edition help

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    I have a new laptop with winxp home sp2 - (hpzd8000) and I wanted to install a "copy" of media center edition 2005...any views on this idea-I basically want to watch tv play music thru one interface or if you all have any recommedations? all feedback is appreciated.......

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    Do u mean through Media Center?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gam3Guy
    Do u mean through Media Center?

    yes - i want to be able to view all albums and surf or watch tv . movies if that makes sense! thnks

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    Without the media center remote, media center is a bit limited, but I'm assuming you're planning to get a TV-in card (USB2) with a remote (or already have one). Tho, if you're planning to watch it on the laptop, you really don't need the remote anyway. Are you planning to use the "Tivo" functions of XPMC? If so, you might need to look into an external hard drive as well.

    For everything else you should be fine, although you will need to install other codecs for divx and so on
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    I appreciate the feedback - for one i already have a wd hdd for my files etc, i will get the tv in card(just wanted to be sure that i would be ok with upgrade)
    For the codecs would all the ones needed is that avail in a pack of some sort (klite codec pack etc)??


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