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Thread: RE: Check out this ANOREXIA forum

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    I thought this belonged in the debate section..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Megan343
    you guys, Anorexia is no laughing matter.

    Also you're assuming that it only affects females, in fact many men suffer from eating disorders...

    The thing about the support sites is that as much as everyone wants to recover, everyone has a distorted image of what's beautiful, so yeah they think someone underweight is beautiful, but at the same time they dont want to think that.

    They think that by telling the girls that the are beautiful and by reassuring them, it will stop them from losing more weight.

    Andi, the girl who's pictures you've been posting has been in recovery multiple times, but eating disorders are a hard thing to get over. She is currently in recovery now. TRYING desperately to get over a disease which has taken over her life.

    As a recovered anorexic I know how hard it is to get over, even now I still have a skewed perception of myself. I would never consider myself as beautiful, although people say that.

    Most people who suffer from eating disorders are survivors of abuse. They find it's a way of coping for them. It's a mental disorder WHICH CANNOT BE HELPED.

    It is also a disorder that isn't very understood, most hospitals will feed a patient to normal weight and then send them on their way but never treat the underlying problems. Recovery takes YEARS of phsychiatric help, alongside medication. It is a 24hour task for most people.

    People do not "choose" to be anorexic or bulimic, despite what some of you morons think.

    Laugh at them all you like, just make sure you're informed about what you're laughing at.

    IT IS NOT A VANITY THING. It comes from low self esteem and is a control issue.

    Seriously, some of you are far more fucked up than any of those girls on the site. It's like laughing at someone with cancer. It's sick

    And for those who went to the site...there are very FEW girls there as underweight as Andi, most are at a normal weight range.

    oh and yes there are black people who suffer from eating disorders. Although it is a predominantly white disease. Although there are fuck loads of black people who suffer from other disoders such as COE.
    In terms of serious discussions, just this bit I would have said..

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    Anyone who thinks that site does not glorify anorexia should look at its motto.

    "That which nourishes me also destroys me"
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    Well it's a famous latin quote. That's all, it fits the way anorexics think perfectly.

    Angelina Jolie has it tattooed on her stomach.

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    So I guess the site is using the phrase in an ironical sense?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barbarossa
    So I guess the site is using the phrase in an ironical sense?
    Either way it's not an encouraging motto. .....unless it's to encourage an eating "disorder".
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    The phrase itself is ironic. Caloric restriction does slow aging, due to the free radicals in the blood. There is, however, a difference between that and anorexia, and it would be fairly safe to assume that these girls are not practicing caloric restriction in an effort to live longer.

    Edit: "Quod me Nutrit me Destruit" initially was associated with Marlowe. It referred to his passions.

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