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Thread: [request] Dreamcast Emulator

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    The topic gives it away, but does anyone have a good Dreamcast emulator that they reccomend me to search for?

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    Try this one if it dosent work do a search on google

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    Or try this this one seems to bee a good one

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    are there ones that work for dreamcast?

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    yeah they are making one it caled icarus but its not finishd yet

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    Originally posted by o_ICEMAN_o@16 April 2003 - 13:36
    Try this one if it dosent work do a search on google
    It couldn't find the download link. I think I'll forget the Dreamcast emuator for the time being, they look too unreliable.

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    Give Dreamcast emulators a miss for a bit m8, the best any of them can do at the minute is play demos
    and thats it, give it time brother.
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