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Thread: Edonkey And Task Switching...

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    Okay, i'm sure i posted this before, but couldn't find it with Search, so i'm posting it again...

    I have a real problem with eDonkey, and that is that when i play a game which takes up all the CPU time, eDonkey's speed drops nearly to 0.

    What is the reason for this and is there a remedy ?? Is it because eDonkey absolutely needs CPU to download ? I've noticed that Kazaa doesn't need it - that is, it downloads with any game running. I need a solution badly 'cause i can't do nothing for ~48 hours waiting for a 2-CD game to download..

    PLEASE help if you can

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    i get the same problem. it seems that edonkey needs hifg cpu usage (it doseent show this) i started to zip something up (10mb) and the speed started to drop i cancilled the zip process because this was a good speed and edonkey is normally slow. i suject you downlaod your file (s) 1st and then play a game,run a app......etc. or you could use kazaa to downlaod bevcause that dosent alter anything. hope that helps.

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    HELL-you will be too_$oon enough
    I think it needs the speed because og the ICH
    Intelligent corruption Handling
    It is constantly scanning files as it downloads them then if it cant keepup I guess it throttles the downloads.
    I dont think there is a solution to this.
    my suggestion just use it while you sleep,are out,only surfin etc.

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    Never had any of the pro. u mention, try and sitch to Emule. Maybe it will work, maybe it wont, but anyhow U'll have a better p2p client. Emule rocks...


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