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Thread: UseNext great all-in-one tool for newsgroups

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    I'm using this right now and it's basically a search engine, newsreader, news server (unlimited speed with 60 days retention on binaries - way better than anything i've ever seen) all-in-one. Prices are extremely reasonable and I think they have a free 3gb trial still going.

    Here's the link for anyone who's interested

    Edit: Referal link removed
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    That site has been up for discussion here before and altough it probably isn't a real scamsite,they're not honest to their (potential) customers either.

    Top newsgroups:
    1. a.b.dvd
    2. a.b.erotica
    5. a.b.sounds.mp3

    That's just bullshit.
    Ow and the fact that they use a site template as many other scamsites like to do; you know...happy people listening to their ipod and all, makes me not want to touch it or recommend it to others.(Even if they're no scam,I hat those templates and i hate it even more that it's being used for Usenet services,making it look like fucking kazaa and drawing all the noobs in ....excuse my rant)

    Also....get rid of your referall link because that's not allowed here.
    next time link to the sites url itself.

    like this:
    I wouldn't touch Usenext
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    About 4 months ago was when I first gained interest in Newsgroups and I almost signed up to that site. Why...because I did my research before doing so. If you are looking to sign up to a Usenet provider I would suggest doing some reading over at
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