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Thread: How Do You Crack Maya 4.5?

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    I want to no how you crack maya i have read the instructions and they are hard to follow i was wondering if any one else got this program and has managed to crack it.

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    Ok i have cracked this many times and it works like a charm...

    This is what u do step by step...

    1. Install Maya... At the end do not install a lisence - skip that part completely

    2. Goto start-->all programs-->AliasWavefront-->common utilities-->FlexLM license utilities

    3. Under system settings copy Ethernet address to the clipboard

    4. Open the file in the crack folder called aw.dat with notepad

    5. Anywhere in that .dat file which has this part HOSTID= ....... Replace those letters number with the copied ethernet address.

    6. Exit that file and save it.

    7. Create a directory on the c: drive (even if you install maya on different drive) called FLEXlm

    8. Place the aw.dat file in that directory

    9. Goto start-->all programs-->AliasWavefront-->common utilities-->Install license

    10. In the second input box where it says "OR, enter the path and filename here" click on browse and select the aw.dat file in the directory FLEXlm.

    11. Click install

    12. Reboot and enjoy Maya

    Hope this helps... I know its a long winded crack but... remember it is $8,000 worth of software Enjoy peeps.

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    jsut one problem i did the aw.dat thing and when i got to install crack something loads and a dos window apperas for about 3 sec the goes nothing happens after.


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