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Thread: editing songs?

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    does anyone know of a software or something that will edit out cursings from songs n all? Like a radio edit?

    I like listening rap/hip hop n all, but sometimes i have to keep things PG rated in my car.... (it sux)

    so anyways let me know if you know of a software or something that can be used to edit/cut out cursings frm the songs....


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    All you need to do is find a multiple track audio editor.

    I used adobe audition 1.5 (you can use the trial edition if nothing else).

    Insert the mp3 file in one of the tracks in Adobe.

    Now find the place in the song where there is a curse word.

    Hit the record button for the second track and when the curse word comes up, say "beeeep" into your mic.

    Once your satisfied with the custom beep (you can put anything you want in there), go to file - export and save as an .mp3
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