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Thread: infoguard

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    Anyone know if infoguard is still available or if not that is there something for win XP that works just as well? Itís a monitoring software that take a screenshot of your computer every few minutes. It is not a key logger to determine passwords. Thanks

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    Never heard of it, what exactly would you use this program for. I may have heard of a comparable app.
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    It takes a screenshot of whatever is being displayed on the computer at regular intervals, 1 minute to every 60 minutes. It is not a key logger to get passwords, etc. It is just to monitor what is being done on a computer, in this instance on my computer. I realize that there are some strong views on programs such as this, and with good reason. But there is a time and place for everything and this program has its legimate uses.

    The version I had on an old Win95 machine worked great and I would like to find something that would work on Win XP.


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