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Thread: Which Is The Best Bittorent Uploading Client

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    I think this is the right place to talk abt bittorent,so i want to know which bittorent client give fats speed for uploading as i m using bitcomet,but the bitcomet uplading speed is very slow

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    Download Azureus and set uploading speed to your max upload bandwith, find it out at

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    Thx mate

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    I would have to say Azerus for me as it just tends to make more connections overall thus better ul also...

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    no one is beter than others. It all depends on your connection speed.

    and by the way y do u want to upload, people dye for download.
    Crazy about filesharing

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    I still use bittornado, it works good for me.

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    Azureus has worked perfect for me. Many options, great for seeding

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    I compared utorrent to azureus and utorrent seemed to upload faster for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DanManIt
    I compared utorrent to azureus and utorrent seemed to upload faster for me.
    What do you mean by "seems to"? Do you have the right options selected in Azureus?

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    In bitcomet I can get my uploads up to 80kb/s and only 60kb/s i Azureus :-/, but it may depend on your computer or other things which one you should choose, try some different by yourself.

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