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Thread: How Do You Set Up A Ftp

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    I am now at the stage to make a FTP i have a big hdd and would like to have a FTP dose anyone know how this is donr i know that there is a lot of you out there with you own FTP but i would like to make one my self.

    a simple guide maybe (nothing to compolex to do)
    a link to a site maybe.
    or maybe you just know.

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    check the sticky in the lounge, mirc/ftp tutorials, there is a good one in there by razz.

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    ok, download a program called "bullet proof" which is an ftp server

    install it on your PC

    go into the settings, and create a user account with a good password.

    set the other settings up, if you get this far and aren't sure then ask us, someone'll know

    then you need to know your IP address. I believe you have ADSL, so you prob have a static one, i.e. it never changes. you may get this from ISP, your router, if u have one, or windows setup, againn, let us know, we can help if needs be.

    then tell people you like your IP address and your Username and password. they'll put these into their ftp servers and will be able to browse the files you say they can.
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    ok, yes i have adsl but i have not got a static ip.

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    static ip
    Get a DNS name @ works great for Me.

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    got a DNS name now and gess what it is called lol wizzandabe. yet again another wizzandabe. my ftp is all up now. thanks ant got anythin to out on it. but what the hell.

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    Originally posted by stoi@16 April 2003 - 22:40
    check the sticky in the lounge, mirc/ftp tutorials, there is a good one in there by razz.
    This was the right answer.

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    yea might of been i have followt that but my ip changes and i can not keep a dns name. any ideas?

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    To Wizzandabe,

    Contact me on MSN Msgr:

    And &#39;ll talk you through it all and sort you out with all the great programs i have to run mine&#33; Get in contact soon&#33;

    MP_Yona&#33; B)


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