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Thread: Pissed Off!

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    ok im leaving because of a number of thing, first off im sick and tired of somebody/nobody just complaining that ppls avs and sigs are to big, ffs make him a mod just for this purpose will you, but then again he wont have any posts then.

    and the wise man/the great dude, those names are a laugh, all he says now is :rtfm: :rtfaq:, and not only just to newbies but to members who have been here for awhile, and yes he did do it to me and he can fuck off for all i care.

    also if you read this Post you will see some other reasons why i am leaving, this forum used to be good but now most of the regular members just dont seem to care about the newbies on the forum.

    anyway onto bigger and better things, and i might still pop into the chat room now and again, but i dont think you will see me posting verifieds anymore.

    cya ppl.

    Stoi (retiring but not reincarnating like some)

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    So your gone from the forum forever?

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    Aww.... i appreciate your work in the verified... it was nice.... yea i noticed it must of taken alot of time... since sig2dat links are in html format and forums support differently.... you should reconsider... stay and just stop posting in the verified section...

    and about somebody / nobody ... well although he makes alot of comments i still respect him for them... i have nothing against people personally.... once in a while it gets to me but i don't really care... every one has there freedom of speech...

    and about the great dude / wise one >> dont mind him.... hez like that alot... i find that he kids around most of the time... so it doesnt really matter...

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    Stoi, I don't see why you should leave because of some kids (and yes.... just compare ages if no-one believes me). Don't we "oldies" mean anthing to you?

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    see even im rooting for you to stay... umm im not an oldie... sigh* ... lolz.... well maybe in 10 - 20 - 30 years... i have a long way to go

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    Awe c'mon. Don't leave! Just take a short break. Don't let those kids bother ya. I have been flamed a lot (by the French) and I am still here.

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    oh stoi, don't leave! I like to have you around, don't let a few people get to you!

    /me gives stoi a big hug

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    look at all these people who want you to stay...

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    *cough* i think he's gone *cough*

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    ::sniff:: i think so too ::sniff::

    hey mods / admins check the ips of ppl who viewed this thread and see if it matches stoi's....

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