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Thread: City Of Heros Quake 4 and Quake Wars Ohh Soo Much More

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    Yo guys i was wondering this

    first thing anyone here play city of heros? Is it any good? Should i buy it?
    Second Quake 4 is coming out this week right with Age Of Empires 3. Is anyone here pumped for that? I been playing it snice Quake came out with windows 95 back in the day. Im soooo pumped. And does Quake wars anyone like or no? Im still in the air for it but i know for sure ill buy it!

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    After playing F.E.A.R i cannot see Quake 4 being any better, and i'll end up playing F.E.A.R and forgetting about Quake.
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    Peerzy got a point there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dark Steno
    Peerzy got a point there.
    They are two separate games. Graphics ain't everything and both games look top notch.

    I don't go "Half-Life 2 will be better than Halo 2 so I'm not playing Halo 2".

    Halo 2 was better than Killzone yet I played both.

    Multiplayer is another story. With that you pick the best but try them all.
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    See i think fear is going to be nuts and ill love it but im a quake boy at heart thats why tuesday ill be one of the people droping the 50 on that.

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    Hrm.. I looked at some pics for quake 4. The graphics seemed pretty "bloated" for me (I have no other words to explain) which made the graphics seem good but there was an upclose shot of the blood on monsters and oh man. The blood was pixelated to hell. So imo, F.E.A.R. looks better. Don't know how fun Quake would be but F.E.A.R. was fun and scary as hell.

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    I'm still dling FEAR...

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    F.E.A.R. = single player ownage
    Quake 4 = multiplayer ownage

    nuff said, get both.

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    FEAR = resource hog

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    Quake loooked horrible, its like doom but with a little more light and more monsters.

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