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    Anyone know where I can get "Postal 2" FULL???

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    I second that, waiting for a hash, because I don't trust ANYTHING on kazaa, unless it's been out for at least a year. I'm not really a big fan of this game, but I'm finding that I'm getting tired of my other games, maybe it will turn out better than the Postal 2 demo.

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    No is pretty much the same. Repetitive killing and appauling AI lead to you getting bored after a few hours. The missions are virtully the same, just disgused as different things. However, having said this the humour will keep your attention the first time you play it through, for example when the redknecks dress you up as a gimp from out of Pulp hilarious.

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    there are great games on this site
    postal 2 is here to games

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    yea but when u click the d/l gives u a huge page of random code, pardon my stupidity if this is some "new" thing..... but its not a d/l. im guessing is the link to "Download" it but jus gives me a page full of code.

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    no, its not the download its a torrent. which you use to download the game via the software bit torrent (search google for it). its spyware free

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    Lol go figure.... it is weird d/l stuff, ty sir


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