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Thread: Opinions on usenetserver now?

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    I used to be with these guys about 5-8 months ago, but they started having problems, that I'm sure a lot of you know about. I was thinking of resubscribing again and was wondering how they are now? I basically need unlimited access for not too much. I have my Comcast Giganews account for fills.

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    I really think NewsHosting is the best deal around for the money and very reliable also.
    If you decide to signup you can support the site with our referral link at...
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    there are servers for €7,50 (Eweka). newshosting is 15 USD.
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    Usenetserver has the same problems as before. Their retention is horrible, <2 weeks and completion is always an issue. I'm considering going with a new usenet co probably digirock or newshosting as they seem decent and cheap.

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    Newshosting is phenomenal for the price. Although if you want the best, giganews has to be it, but your going to be paying for it. Last I checked I think they were $24.99 for unlimited.

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    Thanks I think I might give Newshosting a go, will use this forum's referal link if I sign up

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    Ok I just visited the usenetserver website to see this:

    That completion is terrible. Why would they even advertise that?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jäger
    Ok I just visited the usenetserver website to see this:

    That completion is terrible. Why would they even advertise that?
    They lost a disk array, again.
    Completion is good retention about 20 21 days for bin but they are constantly having problems its like at least 2-3 times a month they have a disk go bad or network problems.

    I have been with these guys for over a year and it has always had problems, after this last one I decided it wasn't worth my frustration or money any more. I have since canceled my account and am looking for a new news hosting server.

    Any idea's?
    I was hoping for one that did ssl tunneling without's price tag
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    I has usenetserver for awhile, always had a problem with it, even was better, lol.

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    What's NewsHosting like?

    I'm using UsenetMonster which are really good, but they cost about £112 a year whereas NewsHosting will be about £60.

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