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Thread: Emule for Linux? rpm installer.

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    What's the best emule software for linux? Right now I'm using aMule, but it's missing KAD. Are there any that also include KAD?
    I always liked how KAD gave me extra sources per file.

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    its nice to see another linux user
    i use amule but there is also xmule which is pretty much the same but xmule says they are more stable, never had any problems with either. amule is better in my opinion.

    Currently amule is under dev for support for the KAD network however you can get it in cvs. I would stick with amule they will have support for KAD soon enough and right now if you feel like building from cvs.
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    I think there's no client comparable to mldonkey/. I've been using it ever since and it still runs great on my server.

    Currently I'm running the mlnet 2.5.16w3.knocker release, about half a year old.


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