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    please help i downloaded a divx movie, i can play it but i cant get it to burn somebody please help me

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    suebee Posted on 16 April 2003 - 16:16
    please help i downloaded a divx movie, i can play it but i cant get it to burn somebody please help me*
    more information is required ..are you trying to burn it as an avi file ??? or other file type (vcd ,svcd) ..type of burning program (nero , easy cd etc..)??? file size If you are trying to burn as a divx avi file then just burn as data. And most importantly welcome to the board use the search feature and frequently asked questions , visit the lounge and have a few laughs :beerchug: PS this may get a better response if posted in movie world maybe a mod could move it thanks

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    GO HERE.

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    DivX dont burn like other movies, first you convert to MPEG, thar kills qaulty in half, then you burn to S/VCD to play in dvd player, that takes bout 2-3 cds for 1 movie, and the convertin takes long as f*ck, i dont recommand buring to play in dvd, but its what you want

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    thanks for the replies, i was trying to burn something that is 9GB not 4.7 so i pretty much gave up on the fight i'll have to wait till it comes out on dvd

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    If you just want to watch this on your tv another alternative is a video card with video out .This solution can be a lot easier than converting the movie.There are many topics on video cards in the hardware section.

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    use easy cd creator 6 has a programs to put divx on to vcd format pretty kooll.... probably take a while to convert tho

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    some people with only a CD-RW make VCD disks that play on some dvd players... requires 2+ disks per movie, but cheaper hehe


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