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Thread: Soulseek

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    i have a question about soulseek, i'm on a wireless network and when im upstairs and my dad is on the downstairs PC we can talk to each other using soulseek just fine, but then if we try to browse each others files it just comes up with an error, why is this?

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    Are there any Personal Firewalls in-between the two computers?

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    yeah a few reasons firewalls and have you forward the correct ports for your router?
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    ..what I think you need to do is first check the two IP addresses from your two > cmd>ipconfig/all, you should see your intern ip . do the same on the "guest" computer. Then open on one soulseek installation one port ie: say port 23450 (you can change it in options) and on the other computer a different port. You will have to open different ports in you router for the two interne ip addresses.

    eg. If one ip is and the other is or whatever, then you will have to open two different ports for Soulseek in your router. Then it should all work ok....Hope that could also check portforward...

    ...sigh...if only you were an Arsenal supporter...
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    can i dld movies on soulseek..because i couldn't find any...

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    can any one help me connect to slsk via MAC because i downloaded the 0.27 and cannot get it to connect........maybe i have to configure the ports if anyone can help me with this i ill be very thankfull u can leave me a message here or directly on slsk usename is JC-DC

    thanx so mauc jose

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    i mean some movies i can find but not those that i want...anyway,doesn't matter because in most of the cases they're of poor quality...

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    Quote Originally Posted by georgia_v
    can i dld movies on soulseek..because i couldn't find any...
    Theoretically, you could - but soulseek was intended to be exclusively for music.


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