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Thread: Warcraft 3 Problems installing.

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    Hi every1. I just downloaded Warcraft 3, the file is aprox 160 mbs. When I start it, they window quickly opens and then closes. So I went to the properties and selected "keep window after program closes" and now when I launch, a DOS window opens, and it says "program to big to fit in memory." What does that mean? I have a P4, 128mb ati video card, windows 2000, latest directx, and 300mb of RAM. Which memory is it? I dont think the file is corrupt because it is a very popular file. So how can i fix it? If this file is corrupt, does any1 know a good p2p network where I can obtain a working copy?


    P.S. I've read a thread on this forum, on this same issue, but i dont think the problem was resolved in that thread.
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    id say its too small to be it...

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    I doubt that it isn't it. Lots of games can be compressed to 100-250 mbs in size. Major sound and game file are highly compressed and the game won't run until u decompress it. Warcraft 3 takes about 700mbs when fully installed. While C&C Generals (which i recently downloaded) takes 1.5 gigs. When I downloaded C&C Generals, it was only about 180 mbs. It runs fine, all videos and sounds included. GTA 3 and Vice city also take up more than 1 gig when fully installed, but when i downloaded them, the files weren't greater than 200mbs. I really don't see why warcraft 3 shouldn't install. The game ins't that big, so it's not compressed to the extreme. I'm guessing the file probably is corrupt. I'm just wounder if there's a way to check it for errors. Maybe blizzard protects their games. Cuz my friends have warcarft 3 and diablo 2 and 3 and a number of other blizzard games, and they had to buy them. They couldn't download them. I tried burning their games but I couldn't do it. Diablo 2 used up 7 800mb cd's (while the reatil version is only 3 discs, 1 of them is cinematics) to burn, and still wouldn't install or run. I'm just surprised that no one was able to crack these games.


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