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Thread: Star Wars TV Shows On The Way

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    There are 2 Star Wars TV series on the way.

    A live action series and an animated series.

    The live action series:

    set to start very early 2007
    is set between Episodes III and IV
    filmed in hi-def
    mostly likely filmed in Sydney, Australia
    have characters we haven't seen or were merely touched on
    is character based

    Writers are being interviewed now. Lucas wants all the stories for the entire first season written all at once,

    The animated series:

    is set during the Clone Wars
    is 3D computer animated 30 minutes shows

    I always thought he would do a live action series but damn this news is old.
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    This is old news. Can't say I have much hopes for the shows, especially if Lucas is to be involved. Also the time setting will hinder a show as there wll not be much room to move with established events from the film having to happen. Would have been better to go the KOTOR route and set it in a different time period...perhaps.

    Anyhow reminds me of a funny cartoon I posted once (it didn't get deleted that time mind.):

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