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Thread: Who's Got The Best Video Card?

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    Hello Everybody,

    I just recently found out that I have a very shitty graphics card which doesn't allow me to play Command and Conquer Generals. I have an integrated graphics controller. It uses up my ram. I don't really understand this, if someone could explain this to me and also help me decide what I should do about getting a new one and what I should get for my Dell Dimension 2300, that'd be great.

    I am very interesting in trading 5 video games, dvds, or anything for a decent graphics card. My list of games, dvds I am willing to trade are:

    computer games:

    Earth & Beyond
    The Sims Hot Date
    Combat Flight Simulator 3
    Flight Sim 2000

    PS2 Games:

    Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3
    Xgames Skateboarding
    Lord of the rings two towers
    Ace Combat 4
    Gran Turismo 3
    Gta 3
    etc.. there's more


    black hawk down

    Pick and choose, give me an offer..... I'm willing to change the number of games and dvds

    I also have a deal, 45 vcd's for a geForce 4 and all games listed

    Please email me at [email protected]
    or PM me. AIM is halfcab123 - - - -


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    go here to check out what good manufactors are

    well i would say get an ati radeon 9700..... but thatz really expensive so go for a ati radeon 9500 if u have the money....

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    exnay on the 9500, id get a 9000 before id ever get a 95, I try'd a 95 and the 9000 helped in places 95 didnt touch... Not HUGE improvments, but noticeable, and it should be cheaper try and get ATI, can try or both have good prices.

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    Isn't the Ati 9000 64MB DDR? I'd say the Geforce4 Ti4200 128MB DDR card. Less compatibility issues and from my experience and reviews ATi drivers are sometimes tricky when dealing with XP. There may be some games that are not usable with ATi as well, haven't had an issue with the Geforce4 thus far. But to each his own. I believe both products can be purchased under $100 (US).
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    I have reevaluated my budget vid card recommendation.

    The ATI radeon 9600... once it was considered that the 9500 was going to be the better deal, and performer, (its being discontinued now), however, the 9600 can be overclocked to the extreme, and runs much faster then the 9500 at high speeds.

    read the scoop here.

    9600 pro review

    9600 pro overclocking

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    boooooooooooooo nVidia......

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    nVidia with TV out so you can connect to tv and watch movies straight off instead of burning!!!! B)

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    heh im using ati radeon 9000 64mb bought it from newegg... works nicely i love it...

    Edit >> 65 dollars

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    Depends do you have a AGP Slot, cuz most Radeons need AGP slot, it should be a bigger slot next to the PCI slots which u connection ur lan card n shit on. If u have a AGP slot then get a Radeon 9500, but make sure there is 128mb ddr ram.

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    asus motherboards mostly have that slot... i think all new motherboards have those now... even my p1 has that slot... lol...

    well im happy with the one i got...

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