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Thread: tv-out connector

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    Well I am at a loss I have been unable to locate the tv-out connector for my motherboard anywhere.I have read on another forum that its easy to make your own,but no instructions were provided.Do I just run the wiring directly from the motherboard to an s-video out connector ,or is there any special connections to be made.Was thinking of single pin motherboard connectors soldered to female s-video connector mounted on pci backplate.Any thoughts would be appreciated
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    Strange, I remember replying to this, must have got lost in the problems we had last week.

    You can either use the composite signal plus one of the ground pins with a RCA type connector. The core is the signal and the outer ring is the ground shield. You should use shielded wires to run between the board and the socket.

    Or you can use a female s-video connector. The sockets should be numbered. Pin 3 is the luminance (Y) signal, pin 4 is the colour (C) signal. Pin 1 is the ground shield for pin 3 and pin 2 is the ground shield for pin 4. Both grounds on the motherboard (pins 1 and 5) are connected so it doesn't matter if you use them together or seperately, but you should use individually shielded wires to run between the board and the socket.

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    thank you very much lynx


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