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Thread: TV Show Legalities?

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    Hey guys, this may be a dumb question, but Im curious as to the legalities of offering tv show downloads on a site. I have no problem with downloading torrents or anything else that would be illegal. Im just curious because I would like to put some episodes on my site if I wont get screwed for it. Anyways, I thought it was pretty much completely illegal, but then I this site: Can any one inform me on whats legal and whats not.


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    It used to be questionable, because it was considered time shifting and there was a Supreme Court case(In the US) that supported it. However, with the recent influx of DVD Boxed Sets coming out with seasons on them, I think that they have declared it illegal now. Personally, I just wouldn't want to chance it, especially if your server is US based.
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    If you don't own the copywrite it is not cosher to put it on a website. That what bittorrent is all about
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