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Thread: Iso. Bin. --------> Clonecd Img.

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    Is there any way to convert an Iso or Bin file to a Clone CD img file? Is there an app?

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    The easiest way is to Just copy the bin file to cd using either Nero, WinOnCd, Cd Mate or Fireburner. But if you want a CloneCD image create it with CloneCD.

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    but how can i convert a bin. to an image (img. ) file

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    just curious as to why you would want to, i dont know the answer just wondering.

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    just wanted to know if it was possible, not really sure why, but backed up one of my cds using clone cd and it worked great, if it was possible i would convert all my bin. files to clone img. format

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    Why not convert all your .bin files to .iso? They're smaller files and they work better than .bins, and unlike .imgs you don't need the .ccd .cue or .sub files that go with them. But if you must do it, then I think wl002c2679's suggestion is the only way... burn your .bin file to a CD-RW, then use CloneCD to create an image from the disc.


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