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Thread: Partitions

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    I split my first hard drive into 2 partitions to install 98 but it didnt work out so how do I merge C:\ and unallowcated space back together?
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    Why didn't it work?

    What did you use to partition it?

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    I have a question myself regarding partitions using Partition Magic 8 (Powerquest version). Exactly what is an extended partition? And is this space that can somehow be merged somewhere else?

    I ask because PM8 does not seem to want to do anything with it and using it's FAQs sheet does not seem to answer/clarify my question.
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    insert a windows xp cd into your pc and boot from that, then when you go to install windows xp you can select partitons etc. from there im sure you can delete partitions and create new ones.
    When windows is installed run disk managment and you should be able to merge all other space on your hdd

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    You should allways have a backup of your important files on seperate media when making changes to partitions.

    >Exactly what is an extended partition?
    RTFWWW. It's one of those things that are there to bodge around historical limitations of PC's. You can only have four entrys in partition table in the MBR and windows gets upset if there is more than one unhidden primary partition on a drive.

    An extended partiton takes up one slot in the MBR. You can create several logical partitions inside the extended partition. In normal circumstances you boot windows off the primary partition and the logical drives show up in explorer.

    When you want to have several operating systems installed it starts to get complicated.
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