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Thread: Another BitTornado question

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    whenever I start this program, it starts from 8.6% download status. and it was 8.6% three days ago , is too strange

    for exmaple, it was 8.6% downlaod compelte three days ago. I started this program previous night, and after 7 hours in the morning it went to 12%.

    now when I started it again some more time, it always shows the status 8.6%.

    is it somehtign to do with allocating stuff....
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    I need answer immediatlyery.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nabeelisnabeel
    I need answer immediatlyery.

    Demanding an answer is not going to get you help any sooner. I would like to help you out but I'm going to need more information. What client your using, health of the torrent, have you forwarded your ports properly? Are you having the same problem with all the torrents or just this one?
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    He is using Bitornado DUH!!!!

    Try a different client nabeelisnabeel..

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    there is nothinf worng with BitTornado.

    Ok, can u give me the answer , may be it is related to the first.

    what does a button saying "allocation" mean on it?
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    any moderator here is experienced with bit tortent?
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    it is strange for me that no one noticed this
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    maybe everyone is sending junk data, and your BT client is dropping it because the hashes don't match?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nabeelisnabeel
    it is strange for me that no one noticed this
    Might have something to do with the way you are demanding instead of asking?


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