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Thread: Matrix Realoaded Fakes

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    Dunno IF there are released real Matrix Reloaded, but i know I went through abunch (all) on kazaa and where all fake...I got the names and file sizes here so stay clear..

    [TMD] Matrix.Reloaded (1of2) - 106,158kb
    [TMD] Matrix.Reloaded (2of2) - 137,422kb
    The Matrix - Reloaded - New Movie,Yes second - 718,334kb
    Matrix Reloaded[Divx] - 718,248kb
    The Matrix Realoaded[Divx] - 592,364kb
    Matrix Reloaded (Full movie) - 196,544kb
    The Matrix II - Reloaded (Full movie) - 527,290kb
    Matrix2DIVX - 695,784kb
    The Matrix Realoded Full!!! - 409,845kb

    All are fake dont even waste your time as I have done so nicely Peace Out Guyz

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    Thanx.. this actually helps a lot because when i first saw those files on kazaa they sure as hell looked real to me, but now i know they arent.. that must of been a pain in the arse downloading all of those.. wat did they end up being? lol

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    i downloaded like 2 megs of each and used AVI preview to verify they where fake.. lol 1 or 2 where saving pvt ryan, MATRIX 1, Frailty or sumthing, uhm, Oldschool, and even that one movie where that kids a reporter for that band.... cant remember name, but yea it was no prob glad it helped

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    well i guess they will all be fakes, 'cos matrix comes somewhere round 15 may...

    I am hardly waiting 4 it 2...

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    That cd come in handy later when the movie comes out cos those files will prob. still b there...

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    thanks but is a bit to late i downloaded one and it was some black and white film

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    Some one should *pin* this. We could make a list of "Files that are not on Kazaa". Can we put Incredible Hulk, Terminator 3, and LOTR part 3 on there?
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    theres nore fakes then just then listed ones i got a fake that was a german dub of lady and the tramp (i like the english verison better) and a starwars wone and a few old cheeze disney and WB cartoons i found about 10 -12 fakes and that was two months ago

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    Originally posted by joe87@18 April 2003 - 01:19
    thanks but is a bit to late i downloaded one and it was some black and white film
    Erm, we've got AviPreview . No one seems to get the picture yet .

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    Ya, to be perfectly honest, I have no sympathy/sorrow for any one who has downloaded any fakes. You have ALL the tools necessary to prevent that, avi preview, dat view, verifieds here, you should never download a fake movie... its silly. And the fact that you dowloaded like 5+, is even funnier.

    People, use the tools with klite, and you wont have this problem, and thus, you will save from having to post "fake" threads...

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