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Thread: Public v Private

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    Ive heard people say private sites (like filemp3) are better than public sites (like torrentspy) but could someone tell me why please. Is it because private sites dont have fake files, more seeds and is safer to use?

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    private trackers keep track of your ratio, so you have to give back.

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    Is that the only difference?

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    I think that most people who use the public site dont care about sharing anything back, they usually just grab and go, thats why the speeds usually suck, and so does the choices of files. Private site users will stay on a torrent as long as possible, thereby increasing the speed of a torrent and getting their ratio up. Also, your selection of files is good, plus user comments on files can help.
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    you get way faster speeds on filelist and other registered trackers than on piratebay or public trackers

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    with private trackers the only realistic diffrence is the ratio system.

    so if your a leecher stay away from private sites in other words lol

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    torrents on ratio sites are moslty verified

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    i much prefer private trackers they are alot faster

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    private trackers offer better selection, almost 0 chance of fake files, and amazing speed. i max out my bandwidth almost everytime i download something on filelist with over 300 seeders.

    and private trackers usually don't get that much attention from the legal world, mainly because there's considerably less users than public sites

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    I think most people would agree that private is more secure and people actually seed the files they download. Thus creating faster downloads.


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