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Thread: Old Games Wanted

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    Hi Guys,

    As a guy in his mid 50's I find most of todays games a bit too hard for me to play.

    But as a computer sales person of the 1980's I enjoyed looking at and trying to play some of the early games.

    But unfortunatley I lost them all on my old 386 computer.

    Because now I have my grandson who is 5 and my father who is just getting into his computer I would like to try to aquire some old games. That are easy to play.

    Here is a list of them

    Leisure Suit Larry 1
    Police Quest 1
    Battle Of Britain
    Grand Prix
    Grand Prix Motorcyles

    Or any other easy flying games for my father.

    Or any good platform games like Mario Brothers fro my grandson

    Of course they will need to run on a modern machine.

    If anyone has these that they would share with me I would be very greatful.

    Kind Regards


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    Santa's Avatar dvhyt5er
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    you maywant to try
    install then search for "roms" of the games you want using your Wfileshare prog"

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    Taito legends has just came out i think.

    It has

    * Battle Shark

    Shoot ships, planes and mines from your submarine.

    * Bubble Bobble

    Help Bub and Bob, trap monsters in bubbles and save Bub and Bob’s girlfriends.

    * Colony 7

    Use your cannons and rockets to save Colony 7 from alien attack.

    * Continental Circus

    Grand Prix racing around the world.

    * Electric Yo-Yo

    Clear the screen with your Yo-Yo.

    * Elevator Action

    Navigate a world of elevators, escalators and gun wielding spies.

    * Exzisus

    Destroy enemies as you fly over the surface of an infested planet.

    * Gladiator

    Hack and slash your way through a castle full of enemies.

    * Great Swordsman

    Prove yourself the greatest swordsman in the world.

    * Jungle Hunt

    Swing and swim through the jungle to save your sweetheart.

    * The New Zealand Story

    Run, swim, jump and fly as you free your fellow kiwis from an evil walrus.

    * The Ninja Kids

    Fight your way through hordes of satanic enemies.

    * Operation Thunderbolt

    Shoot infantry, helicopters and tanks to save hostages.

    * Operation Wolf

    Blast infantry, armoured cars and helicopters to free hostages.

    * Phoenix

    Destroy waves of bird-like aliens.

    * Plotting

    Clear the screen of blocks by throwing, bouncing and matching similar blocks.

    * Plump Pop

    Use a trampoline to bounce a baby animal into balloons.

    * Rainbow Islands

    Launch rainbows to clear your path of monsters and climb the platforms.

    * Rastan

    Hack and slash your way through a land of strange creatures.

    * Return of the Invaders

    Defeat the returning Invaders and save the planet.

    * Space Gun

    Shoot hordes of aliens infesting a ship and save the human survivors.

    * Space Invaders

    Defeat the Invaders and save the planet.

    * Space Invaders part 2

    Defeat the returning Invaders and save the planet.

    * Super Qix

    Draw lines to reveal the hidden picture.

    * Thunderfox

    Shoot, kick, jump and fly your way through waves of terrorists.

    * Tokio

    Defeat the waves of enemy planes as you fly over Tokyo in your bi-plane.

    * Tube It

    Connect sections of tube and make them disappear before they fill the screen.

    * Volfied

    Reclaim sections of land from alien invaders.

    * Zoo Keeper

    Help the zookeeper recapture animals and rescue his girlfriend.

    Most of them would be good for your grandson at least.


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