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Thread: I'm A Newbie Can Someone Help Me?

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    I cant quite figure out how to find programs I need. My internet is sllllow and my dowmloading is worse. Can someone give me some advice or names of some programs that could boost my speed a bit? I have a DELL pentium 4 Thanks

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    First of all go to Control Panel> Add Remove Programs and remove anything that is BLATANTLY OBVIOUSLY unnecessary -- if unsure, skip this.

    next go to the k-lite website and download Spybot Search & Destroy 1.2 (it's free) -- once downloaded and installed, click on Check For Problems. once finished, click on Fix Selected Problems. now you have no spyware.

    next go to and download the CableNut progam and install (it's a free program that tweaks your settings for optimum internet speed). then download and install the CableNut Update. now go to Program Files> CableNut Update and double click on the folder that fits your connection. it will say either Cable, DSL, or 56k so pick the one you have. after that you have to pick the file that most closely matches your download and upload caps.
    take a speed test at and choose the location nearest you to give you an accurate analysis of your speed if you don't know your caps. once you've found the file with your caps double click it and the CableNut window will pop up with a bunch of numbers. click on Save Registry Settings and then restart your computer. this

    you also might want to look into Norton SystemWorks or JV16 Power Tools for maintence

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    yea idea... none of that d/l acell shit is gunna work... only thing gunna speed up ur connection is getting a job and paying for broadband.. IF its avalible where ur at.

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    Originally posted by balamm@17 April 2003 - 02:42
    Cablenut sucks and I don't think it's right to point someone new to internet settings to a program that makes registry changes which may not be repairable. Read the bad reviews on cnet and believe most of them. The good ones are either spam or uninformed. Cnet is also in the habit of removing negative posts so don't be fooled by the ratings.
    You most likely pay for your internet service and if you find it unacceptably slow, contact your ISP to see what they can do or recommend. Then it's up to them to correct it if something goes terribly wrong.
    i'm sorry u feel this way, have u tried it actually? did u use the correct files?
    CableNut works beautifully and many people benefit from it. if i didn't feel it was a great program and one that is easy to understand i wouldn't have recommended it. registry settings can always be changed, nothing is permanent. and in case pamela knew nothing about it, as u can see, i walked her through every little step even down to "double click"ing things. and you speak of reviews on of all places! if you are a musician, this is the equivalent to tons of uneducated, untested, and immature reviews. i don't base my use of programs by user ratings unlike some, i actually test it myself to see if it delivers what it promises. CableNut is a wonderful program, although useless (IMO) without the Update. all the update is, is like 30 different connection speed files. if u had problems with it, did u go to the CableNut forum and ask for help? or did u give up and write another blind review for cnet?

    CableNut is NOT a download accellerator. it is merely a registry tweaker, nothing permanent. if one follows the steps above and KNOWS their OS (XP, 98, 2k, etc.) and their caps (mine, e.g. is 1000/128) they can't go wrong. and i honestly believe it is not the ISP. i used to be a newbie and one thing i noticed was that i had a whole lot of garbage and trash and spyware galore. these things slow your computer and your speed down. ever since making sure my comp is clean and using CableNut, my system and speed is very effecient. your goal on connection speed is to get 90% of your caps, i get closer to 100% with Cablenut.

    i am puzzled that it didn't work for you. maybe you should start over and take my advice form my first post REMEMBER THE "UPDATE" AND KNOW YOUR OS AND CAPS. GET YOUR CAPS FILE IN THE "CABLENUT UPDATE" FOLDER, NOT THE "CABLENUT" FOLDER.

    in all honesty, this person was just wanting some suggestions to help with her computer. a more constructive activity would be to come up with additional advice from which this person can choose and refrain from attacking previous advice.

    and as for, just look at KMD! how in the hell is a demonically possessed program like that getting nearly 80% of favorable reviews!. you are doing exactly what those 12 and 13 yo kids writing reviews on programs they never even downloaded in the first place want -- believe 'em!

    EDIT* btw, here's a link to the CableNut Forum

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    i don't uderstand it all, that is the reason i use CableNut. i'm not trying to start anything over this. it works very well for me, so that is why i recommend it. i respect your opinion, but all i was doing was figuring if your was based on using it correctly or incorrectly. when i installed cablenut, my speeds weren't any better (using the speed test link above), but when i installed the update (which has many more, specific folders) it worked very well. so i'm curious if u installed the update. it's all good, man


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