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Thread: Anyone Into Cars?

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    hey all im from NZ and the modified car scene is huge over here

    anyone into cars?
    what you drive?

    im looking into buying my rx2 coupe B)

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    i run a alfasud 15 ti green cloverleaf its rotten but i love it ive put a 1700 16v engine in it out of a 33 sum mods nothing yo brag about apart for my ice 5k worth all jvc i love music (jeff mills,westbam,dj shadow,james lavell,steve lawler etc etc ......
    this is kinda like my car ive got no pics

    the car i would like is a metro 6r4 awesome but out of my price range

    group b rally cars were the best

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    here`s mine!

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    Originally posted by JMR@17 April 2003 - 14:55
    the car i would like is a metro 6r4 awesome but out of my price range
    there's a metro 6r4 which is still running some weekends up at a racing track in scotland called knockhill ( i've seen it a few times on rally weekends, it is so fast. i'll try and get some pictures for you next time i go up, but i haven't been for a while.
    group b rally cars were great, but they were just too fast. perhaps the best one which never really made it was the rs200. the road version of the ford rs200 held the acceleration world record for a production car for a period of time too


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