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Thread: torrentspy mininova etc set to die :(

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    [news=]BREIN’s success in the Netherlands has been mixed when it comes to intellectual property rights enforcement. They were unable to successfully prosecute KaZaA BV, then owners of the FastTrack network. Their fortunes have changed though as more recently BREIN has succeeded in shutting down Dutch based eDonkey2000 indexing servers Releases4u and ShareConnector.

    Looking to build on their success, BREIN is turning their sights on BitTorrent trackers. In a Dutch online news article, BREIN chairman Tim Kuik stated that his organization was going to start taking action against “dozens” of indexing sites.

    It appears the pseudo-revival of, under the guise of, has spurred this latest action. is a virtual carbon copy of the old “universal BitTorrent” listing site. Sloncek, the administrator of sold the site’s code to a “friend” who in turn established the new site. Over the course of the last two weeks, the site has enjoyed growing popularity. This growing popularity appears to have irked BREIN.

    With enforcement actions scheduled for next week, many BitTorrent indexing sites are considered potential targets. First and foremost, it appears will be BREIN’s primary objective. In addition,,, and the smaller TripTorrent may also be under the gun. may escape legal action. They are registered in the Netherlands; however this indexing site resides elsewhere.

    While on the surface it appears many BitTorrent sites may be in danger, the news surrounding this event may be their savior. At least three BitTorrent tracking sites have already begun preparing for this attack by switching web hosts to locations outside the Netherlands. In essence, when BREIN does initiate their enforcement action, there may not be any BitTorrent indexing sites remaining in the Netherlands.

    Tim Kuik, Director of BREIN, did not answer repeated requests for comment on this issue.[/news]

    if this happens what comes next for us pirates?

    will it to be downloading torrents from irc? or things from irc themself?
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    Why not just use Newsgroups and FTP's

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    aint got ng access
    ftp is shit and/or slow

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    what the fuck is brien

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    brien = The Dutch Protection Rights Entertainment Industry Netherlands

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    man that sucks

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    I hope they keep fucking with torrents sites as bad as that sounds...
    `anyone from Argentina on this board?

    I need your help and if you can help me pM me

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peerzy
    Why not just use Newsgroups and FTP's
    dont have access to ng and dont have the money to pay for it.FTP...well you have any good ones to send me off to?

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    too many leechs on this sites :/

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    Brein never won a fight in court against downloaders!! It's a lot of wind and sound but little action.
    The successes they claim are all against people selling software/movies etc. Providing software, movies music etc i.e. Uploading is illegal too.
    Problem for them is that dl and copying music and movies isn't illegal in the Netherlands. Software has a different copyright for some reason and is illegal when you dl that...

    Btw Brein is dutch for mind.
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