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Thread: New Motor,help Me Choose

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    Fire away ppl with your comments.

    Although i cant drive yet but thats going to change soon) i'm looking to buy one in the very near future.
    So advice needed any ideas what i should buy? *note* UK only please so no american etc cr@p... no offense!

    Here's what i'm looking at:

    3 doors supermini/hot hatch
    Good looks
    cheap to insure(if thats possible these days )
    Budget 11.000

    ....and thats it i'm open to suggestions

    p.s i like the following cars a lot, Peugeot 206gti/Mini cooper/Lupo gti and Renault sport172.

    Seroiusly looking at one of the above.

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    I'm hopeless with cars

    I know its not on your list but you can't go wrong with a Ford KA, recently voted the most reliable supermini.

    And before anyone comments, no... its not a girlie car!

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    Hey curley i'll comment about the Ford KA...

    It IS a girlie car,my g/f's got one
    It's nice for a GIRL

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    Renault clio sport172 is a very nice car, iv got a 16v or you cuold always go for the williams

    my car, its go's prritty good

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    Nice car Giy but if you dont mind me saying it's a little old for me.
    Im looking at new or nearly new motors tbh.

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    yes but they stoped making the 16v and williams a year or so after that so you will be hard pushed to get a new 1

    tbh i would not tuch a new car if i had all the money in the world you lose so much on them its untrue, out of the cars u have listed id get the clio 2.0 16v 172 sport looks good very fast and lots of mods for it if your into that type of thing

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    Me like the 172 but out of those listed i'm sure it will be the highest to insure,although i know there all pretty high to insure for me

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    Quick, roomy, reliable, economical, insurance should be ok.

    2003 Honda Civic Sedan.

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    All new sporty(boy racing) drivers seem to be driving Citroen saxos these days.Must be something good about them,probably performance per .

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    How about a new corsa sxi? The insurance is pretty cheap, there a bit nippy of the block and they look the dogs danglies with tinted windows and rear lights. Theres quite a lot of kits out there for it in the modding scene so in time you can add all the cool twiddly bits.

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