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Thread: Failed files in Newsbin pro

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    So I just started with newsgroups and everything is great speed wise, I signed up with newshosting and now I have a bit of a problem. Of 800 files downloaded with newsbin pro I get ~80 failed files. Under status they say signature match?? Can anyone clue me in here?

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    when that happens to me I keep downloading them. Just select them all and hit enter to download them again. It worked for me in the past.
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    I downloaded again "bypassing filters" and it seems to be working but now I have two files from F E A R that say post purged... that sounds terminal...

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    Ive never tried Newsbin although if you get a chance I suggest you try Newsleecher also...

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    NBP keeps track of all downloaded files in a 'signature' list based on a certain amount of the beginning of each file.
    If NBP sees it is downloading a file that is already in the signature list, it cancels the download and moves on to the next file in your download list.

    This is a fantastic feature for those who's news service has a download cap, since it eliminates duplicates almost entirely.
    There is a possibility that it detects a dupe when it isn't - I've had it myself, particularly when downloading a file from a second source when the first one was corrupt.

    You can turn the feature off in Preferences.


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