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Thread: Help with Ip address.

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    I need help I have been trying to change my ip addres to one thats located in Thailand so I can download things from thailand servers super fast, I have been able to do it once totally by fluke by finding a thailand ip address and going into tools - Internet options - connections - lan settings - and putting a check mark in use a proxy server for your lan I put in the thailand ip address and a random port And it work!! it worked awesome I was getting super fast download rates from thailand servers, now I need to do it again but I can't get it to work does any one know how to change my ip address to thailand in any way and if so what port do I use ect??
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    You are talking about changing your proxy address, you can't change your actual IP address. However, it will not give you any improvement in performance.

    If you got fast download speeds before it was purely coincidental, you would probably have got just as good performance without the proxy. Usually, using a proxy simply adds an extra link to the chain, so your performance actually degrades.

    There's one exception to that, which is when you connect to the ISP's caching proxy. They do not usually allow connections except from their own customers so as you said it was probably a fluke, even if you could remember the address used you would probably find it is now blocked.
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