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Thread: useing bt and emule at the same time

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    i tried to post this in the emule section but it will only let me do a verified hash (WTF) anyway as above can i use both together???? i am on a 10mb bb line btw.

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    your download speed limit isn't important, only your upload speed limit
    you need to limit your total upload speed to 60%-80% MAX, leaving room for network overhead (ACKs, DHT, KAD ect...)
    since emule has unlimited download speed, if you set your upload speed to at least 10K, i would set emule to 10K, then set BT for whats left (minus some for overhead)

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    if you run both at the same time you'll be using your upload speed to its max and you'll be laggy and shitty net speeds all around


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