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Thread: Best filesharing sites

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    What are some of the better filesharing sites out there? I'm specifically looking for TV shows & movies.


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    TorrentSpy and NewNova.

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    check this topic in the bittorrent section.

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  5. File Sharing   -   #5 is an excellent service to send files up to 2 GB in size quickly. Apparently, the 2 GB limit is imposed by MS. But perfect for video, images and large files in general

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    i don't know ...but i came here to see some of those sites...

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    hey ppl....i've seriously been wondering...are this register to use sites actually worth it...i've been a torrent user for more than an year and a half but have never used and have everything i need

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    yep, and are pretty good, they're just very slow - and if u go for larger than 350 mb files, u may get stucked with no seeders and nothing to do...

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    ya...i agree...torrentspy is on the fact is pretty good too

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