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Thread: Ac3 Error

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    Mar 2003
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    Looking for quick fix, any advice.
    Got an avi file that has AC3 audio. Used VirtualDub (v1.5.1) to extract audio as a AC3 file. When I attempt to use HeadAC3he (v0.23a) to convert the AC3 file to wav I get an error message after about 30 sec of processing. I've retried from source file several times. I have successfully done several other conversions today using same software. I'm running WinME.
    I'm very new to whole VCD thing and use of these proggies. I would appreciate any advice. I'm trying to search for more info but thought some one just might be able to save me some hours. Can I edit around the bad frame? Should I give up on the source file and try to find another copy?
    btw the screenshot colors are due to changing file ext from bmp to gif (someone commented last time I posted a screenshot).

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    in case you are still trying, Cool Edit Pro 2.1 now has AC3 encoder that would do a far better job than freeware.
    i have'nt done this job myself, but Cool Edit 2.1 in multi session can encode many formats

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    I've been using virtualdub. I have cooledit pro anyone know which is quickest for extracting audio to wav.


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