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    Hi, when i try to view a movie that am downloadin i can hear the sound but i get a grey box where the movie should be...can anyone tell me how to fix this. This happens on some movies but the others that am downloading i can see.


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    Maybe some of ur movies are corupted

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    Avi Preview can't cope with all downloads.

    I prefer Videolan vlc. it plays most if not all files and is scaleable. It's actually a not bad player which can cope with partial downloads.

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    Thanks...i have just noticed that all my .avi files are playing with a grey box even the ones that i could see i need a codec? as i have installed K-lite codec and that didnt work?

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    It is possible that you have to uninstall ALL codecs before you install the K-Lite Codec pack to prevent problems from happening. Once you uninstall all of them install only the K-lite codec pack.

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    Spot on that man.

    Remove all other codecs and packs before installing the k-lite codec pack.

    To avoid conflicts.

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    Thanks Firefox that worked


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