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Thread: PAL DVD to NTSC? HELP!!!!

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    I recently created a video using Sony Vegas 6 and then used Ulead DVD Workshop 2 to create the menus and burn, region free and PAL. I have a friend who lives Canada would this play on her DVD player as I get DVDís from Hong Kong which are region free and NTSC and it works on my player and I live I the UK. If not is there a fast way to copy this into NTSC?

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    PAL plays ok for me.

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    That’s great news Virtualbody as I was reading that it did and it did from many websites.

    Thanks for the good news

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    You will have to edit the IFO files in the VIDEO_TS folder on the DVD
    to do this you can use a program called ifoedit
    I have used this many times to convert from PAL to NTSC and it works great on my 4year old DVD player


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