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Thread: avast question

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    Ok so I dled and installed, so far so good. problem is, when i started it up the a in the little blue circle was in the bottom right (tasks running). but after a while it dissapeared, does this mean that's its turned off? or is it always running but "out of the way"? theres a shortcut on my desktop, opening that shortcut starts up avast, so i just want to know, does avast have realtime protection (like norton or panda) and if so is it always running (if it is, why is it not showing in the bottom right, or is it supposed to be like that). thanks.

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    As I can remember (not using Avast myself) the blue icon in your taskbar states the activeness of the resident protection. By rightclicking on it you'll get a submenu with possibilities like unloading etc.
    Maybe you can customise Avast to show the icon all the time.
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    yes its always running.

    if your not sure if its running check task manager and see if theres tasks in like like ashserv.exe and ahs.exe n stuff like that.

    my blue circle with the a is always in the system tray, sure its not hidden?

    also, try checking avast program settings, you may have a setting set in there not to your desired setting



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