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Thread: Football (soccer) torrents?!??!

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    Is there any sites that have footie torrents - I'm a Brit living in New Zealand and am desperate to get my fix of footie, especially England games!!


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    The internationals are sometimes put up on

    That thread you replied to in Sportsworld, tho', will help you get your footie fix a lot better than any torrent site will.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alonso

    i second this too

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    uknova has match of the day too. check out for brit tv

  8. BitTorrent   -   #8 is a dedicated torrent site for footy
    whitst FBTZ is amazing its not a torrent site, it links to HTTP and public torrent sites.
    If you join footytorrents you also get access to nhltorrents and hoftorrents and hdsportorrents. and between the sites all sports are covered and with over 30 000 torrents its pretty amazing

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    That makes the second bump in this thread.
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    Quote Originally Posted by alonso View Post
    Best footy site out there IMO

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