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Thread: A little help, Please

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    Hi, I'm downloading Fifa 2006 ( mir-fif06.xx files ). I downloaded all of them, except parts 36,37,41,42,43. I don't know why they are not downloading. Can anyone upload them and give me the link. PLEEEEEAAAAAASE. Dying to play the game!

    thanks in advance,
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    Please post your question only once.

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    You still play fifa?

    First of all i don't think anybody is allowed to give you a direct link..

    And second of all.......Download PES 5

    Is way much better.. at least in game play it kicks ass!

    Fifa is not even close to PES5's gameplay!!!

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    i will get pes5 eventually, but i really enjoy Fifa's online lobby. Does PES5 have a good online setup? pes4 did not.

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    good luck enjoying fifa's online lobby if you're downloading the game.

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    anyone? parts 36,37,41,42,43??

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    Read the rules, no one can give you links, also your downloaded cpy of Fifa or PES5 will not work online.

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    ok, send me da links to please

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    ok got all the files

    but when i tried to extract the image file this came up:

    ! C:\Documents and Settings\Daniel.SHOME\Desktop\mir-fifa06.r16: Packed data CRC failed in MIR-FIFA06.mdf. The volume is corrupt

    same for volume 59

    i tried RAR Repair with no luck

    anyone got any suggestions?


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    How did you get them? Newsgroups? Bittorrent?

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