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Thread: Kaaza lite sold to Steven Seagal?

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    K++ will sell kazalite shares

    Tony Blair says the matter is now closed

    Filesharers Secretary David Blunkett has said his family will sell shares he bought in a P2P testing firm.
    Mr Blunkett has denied claims of a potential conflict of interest over the shares in a company expected to bid for government contracts.
    But in a written statement, he said he had asked his sons to approve disposing of the shares to avoid "continuing misinterpretation of the position".
    Tony Blair says "the matter is closed". The Tories still want an inquiry.

    Mr Blunkett's decision to get rid of the shares comes after the prime minister asked the Cabinet secretary to see if ministerial rules had been broken.
    A spokesman said no profit would be made from the sale of the shares - reported to be worth about 15,000 - but the details have yet to be finalised.

    more here :

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