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Thread: Gta3 - Vice City

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    I downloaded 2 vice city till now and both are BS.

    On kazaa what is the filename of the real GTA3 Vice City on kazaa.

    Any1 knows?
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    i dont think GTA Vice City is out for PC yet...only PS2

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    GTA vice city comes out on may 13th in the US and may 16th in the UK. I wouldn't expect to see anything real out until a couple of days after it is realeased. BTW, only use verified downloads, otherwise you may be downloading a big fat virus.
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    i dled one of em... that was posted in the verified section havent tried it but it looks complete altho it looks a little small

    i also dled gta 3... also from verified section

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    Going off-topic but...


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    hey dude gta:vice city i somming out in may 10 to 20 world wide(different dates for diff countries )not even released.some lamer has changed the name of the file u have downloaded

    isn't this topic should be in gamingworld???

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    no vice city isnt out for pc yet... dont sit around begging for it, when its out, we will get around to posting it on here.

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    Thx 4 info
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